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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

rainy day

What's up today? Boring diary post, blue moods, and rainy day (forecast will last for a week)...

i hope i can say/write something positive, but i feel something seems going wrong. my brain is playing tricks on me, i'm not sure what's that & i dunno what to do. T__T

When i dun feel like talking, i just want some music, here are for today:

(Just by chance heard it on yesterday, hmm...what to say... it keeps me recall some old memories, but doesn't mean related to anything current.)

(this song from F.I.R. a Taiwanese pop rock band, just touched my heart & emotion. Well, may be most people here won't understand the chinese lyrics, it described what's left ultimately after a period of profound love, it is not hate, nor regret, and the tears to shed are actually sincere thanks.)


  1. I would kill for a rainy week! It is a miserable 100+ degrees in Texas. Just keep everything in perspective. Focus on the good.

  2. I do like the Shontelle song and how the video has a story too.

    I hope some sun peeks through your rainy day, sl. Keep positive! x

  3. Thanks for the comments Mindset and sub-kitten, i hope i can stay positive but it just hard.