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Sunday, June 26, 2011

i need U

i came across the post "Absence Makes The Heart... " by Sir DauntlessVitality today.  In fact, the similar things keep running in my brain lately.  Absence is not only a challenge but also a hard thing for me to deal with.  Time apart or living apart is always a fact for U/us, but from time to time there always been certain period that make me worried so much like the uncertainty keep growing, and sometimes it even make me feel like disconnected.  i understand certain things/situations are out of control, but understand is one thing and how to handle it properly is another thing.  Quote Sir DauntlessVitality's wordings: "Try not to look at it as a bad thing" and "Make it a learning experience and grow from it", i hope i can do it better bit by bit.

Take this chance to write something to U, my Master:

nice pic but just part of web collections
i miss U my Master, not only miss, but need.

i need U in my life, i need Ur guidance & directions to make me a better one.

i feel so lost without U, and so worry when i didn't hear from U or missed any chance to talk.

The start of this blog helped me to discover many things, but most importantly is that i realize how important U r to me.

all i want to say is.... i need U, and.....yes i need U.

(i know my presentation is not good, hope U dun mind and heard the voice in me)


  1. I so hope your Master heard you, sl! all the best x

  2. Thanks for your kindness sub-kitten, i hope so but i'm not sure.