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Friday, June 24, 2011

harsh punishments but not much physical pain?!

i emailed Master with those tools i bought on last week which may be useful for "the punishments i can do by myself" :S May be a bit crazy, but all the things i can think of seems to be so painful therefore i still not ready to write the list out. i dunno, but it just so hard to think of anything else not involve any pain, especially Master said the punishment will be harsh.

According to the past record, none of the punishments involve any physical pain, so you can say i feel guilty and thus want to let myself suffer. However, i really dun have a creative mind, is there any suggestions of harsh punishments not involve much physical pain? or should i just let myself suffer for my misbehavior?! i dunno.


  1. Physical pain is never fun (well maybe sometimes ;) ). the first time i got a real punishment, i had to stand naked while being hit with Masters belt. i cried and cried. after, he held me and told me why he had to do it, so that i can know right from wrong and not make the same mistakes again.
    it was not fun, but i did learn my lesson.
    Trust your Master that he will give you the right amount of pain for your punishment.


  2. I'll have to ask Master for some ideas but I'm sure there are lots of punishments that don't require pain, like orgasm denial for one. Luckily I haven't had to go there yet. I think I would rather experience lots of pain than to be denied something I need and crave multiple times on a daily basis.

    Oh, another I just thought of is you could sit and write a sentence over and over again, kind of like teachers in school used to make kids do when they misbehaved.

  3. Thank you Humble little girl of sharing your 1st real punishment. i know i need to take it for my misbehavior, but on the other hand i just so scare cos it's hard to do it all by myself...but well, as you said, i trust Him, and i know He will make a good final decision on it. :)

    Thank you Sophia Anne for your suggestions. Although that sounds not really harsh to me(never tried so not very sure yet), it's good to have more alternatives in the list. :)