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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

what about His expectations

When i was thinking about Master and the rules last nite, i read Serenity's post about serving which is a very good one and lead me to think deeply about His expectations on me.

i remembered i asked once before and His answer was everything. Well, i know it should be everything because i belongs to Him so what are the things He won't expect from me?!  hmmm... but may be i'm a bit foolish, i still not quite sure about the details or the main parts of this "everything"? This "everything" to me is still too board.

my point is if i can't be sure about what He is looking for in me, how can i be the slave that He wants?! how can i please and serve Him better?! yes better, i always strive for excellence if that is the thing i choose to do, oh that sounds funny like a slogan lol.  However, that is me, either give up not doing or try to make it as perfect as i can even though there is no perfect but i can hardly accept a just pass grading. I feel stress too but i want to be a better one for Him.

Btw, linking up His current & future expectations on me to a set of written rules and review whenever necessary seems good for me to understand what He really wants and what not to. It just the similar way of job description or company policy did, staff are easier to know what are expecting from them and the standard required. Just my thoughts and i hope it won't bother too much.


  1. I think you should always communicate - or keep the lines of communication open and free - in whatever form - a set of rules to be reviewed, whatever - what I'm finding most important is having trust and honesty, be the best you can ever be so long as you are both happy. x

  2. Master says that nothing is set in stone. Still, the best bit of advice is given above ... if you dont understand communicate....
    my One listens to me if i don't understand or have a worry, but, ultimately it's do as you are told girl. (sorry not much help really)
    Your guide lines maybe should be set to cater for your needs and His and not compared to others .

  3. Thank you sub-kitten, that's a good point about communication. He let me talk whatever i want, if He dun want to discuss He will tell me. However, sometimes i dunno how to tell exactly about what i think or feel. And, the at least 12 hours time differences plus tight schedule of work makes it more difficult to talk.

    Thanks too saffy, i think the rules Master given are set for me not in general, just always feel uncertain about did i meet with His expectation. i'm not going to compare with others just wondering why something for other is called as rules, but i never think of that even i do it always. May be, i just over thinking again.

  4. hugs
    i am sure that He will tell you , or let you know when you dont meet expectations .

  5. Thanks again saffy, i hope so but better not by Him telling me i don't meet expectation, lol :)