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Friday, June 10, 2011

focus on punishments

i'm happy of the chat W/we had this morning (evening time for Master), actually i feel happy most of the time after our chat :D and then when He off to sleep, i go back to sleep awhile too because i'm really not well and sometimes i just imagine it's like taking the same time to sleep next to him, how silly am i lol

Talking back to the topic of this post, Master wants me to find many different kinds of punishments especially i have to do them myself. He wants me to search more & write it here as it will be good to me focus on that given my recent bad behaviour. (i have that written on the tab "Punishments") :(

oh i have no idea, i think of it again & again but still dunno what to do. The only one thing possible in my mind now is the "flat wooden spoon or spatula" that he asked me to get recently. It can be used for spanking may be, but who can spank themselves really hard like other do on them. @__@



  1. :D I don't envy your task. It's not easy to decide what to do to yourself. You are right, wooden spoon or spatula would be difficult to use on yourself, unless it was used on your breasts or other areas. Good luck with your tasks and have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Naida, i didn't think of using on breasts or other areas so it might be good, thanks. i'm still searching, but He once said will punish me harshly this time, so it should be something that make me suffer more. i'm not sure and worried about it, but i should try. Have a great weekend too. :)