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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


as i said in previous post, Master requested me to move the previous journals from Yahoo to i re-post the 1st one as follow -

Posted on 05/12/2011:

so i finally got a topic to start as the 1st journal after reading and following some bloggers, that is "needs". It is not because i read what their needs are then consider them as mine too. It is part of the things always in my mind during the past months and it becomes a bit clear recently. Also, i'm going to tell the true voice in me, not trying to say something that U may like or enjoy.  

The 2 bloggers' post are:

Their lists are not all my needs now, may be cos some seems to be "wants" or some other type of feelings to me. However, i think the list of my needs will become longer when i explore and experience more, right? so here goes with my list up till this moment:
  • i need a strong one who is capable and willing to in charge of me or even every aspect of my life. i dunno how to provide an exact explanation of the term "strong one", anyway it's not only physical but also emotional, attitude, personality, etc. i'd never tell U these are the qualities/traits of man i always dream for in all of my past relationships.
  • i need to feel safe, i think it linked to the degree i can trust.
  • i need a sense of belonging, so i found being controlled, given orders and instructions, restrictions and rules becomes more and more important to me cos these can reinforce such sense and keep me focus.
  • i need to feel loved and protected too, i think these give me the strength and support to go on the journey.
  • the last one for now is i feel a strong need to please U. i'm not saying it to make U smile, it just the truth i found recently.  When i know U feel please to me, i feel happy and excited. However, when U said U r disappointed in me, i feel very sad and mad to myself.

i'm not sure if U already know all or part of my above points, hope it gives U a better understanding of me.  


  1. Thank you very much for the link to my post. I just want to clarify, though, that I didn't write that article myself; rather, it's been circulating anonymously around the Internet.

    Even so, I'm glad you found it useful, and I wish you luck in your own ongoing journey.

  2. oh thanks for the clarification, it's a good article really.