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Thursday, June 23, 2011

missed again...

i was oversleep again this morning and probably missed His online time, sigh :( The more rest didn't helped to make me get better so why i sleep that much?! i'm so mad at myself now. :'( i feel so sorry to have missed Him and want to talk to Him so much. :( Sometimes i wonder i'm really bad as a slave, may be i'm too free and need more restrictions on my daily rountine.

hmm... other than these there is nothing much i can think of today, except i have used a little bit of time to read through my web collections of some favourite share the below which are the ones i like so much in their words:


  1. i too have wondered about this about myself in the past. i was told to NEVER miss a phone no matter what!! i missed a couple before and was punished. the punishment didnt hurt nearly as bad as the feeling of letting Him down and disappointing Him.
    it will get better.

    humble little girl

  2. These are beautiful pics - thanks for sharing. I hope you are feeling healthier though and I hope that you didn't miss your online time your Master. all the best x

  3. yes humble little girl, it's bad cos of the feeling of letting Him down and disappointing Him, nothing worse than that.

    Thanks again sub-kitten for your comment and encouragement, much appreciated, hugs.