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Monday, June 13, 2011

submissive type test

Last nite, when i was passing by Turiya's blog-Spirited Meanderings, i found the submissive type test. i always think most of these tests are not very accurate, but just try for fun is not bad.

So, here is the submissive type test if you wanna try ;)

my result is "SLAVE":

"You scored 33% Humiliation, 75% Submissiveness, 77% Service, and 58% Pain!
You're the slave, you scored high in both submissiveness and service, you probably want to be owned by someone, you feel the need to relinquish your power over to someone else and to service him. You are the ideal partner for 24/7 Owner/slave relationships, whether you like or deslike pain is a matter of taste, hence with humiliation, but I would bet that the chances are you enjoy them sometimes but the most important thing is whether your Dom will enjoy doing those thigns to you."

The result made me smile, i was not surprise to see that and just fine it classified me to the type i think is who i'm. :)

nice pic, but certainly it's from the web, lol


  1. Thank you for the link!! I enjoyed the test!! And although I got different percentages from you I got the same write up!! It was fun, thank you!! Oh I love this pic - very very nice!! Take care

  2. i'm glad you enjoyed it sub-kitten :)