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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a new start

i remembered when i first met Master online on last year, when W/we were still in the communication stage, He asked me to write Him journals for anything i want to share.  i did very few, instead i usually emails few lines or directly chat with Him on ym.  To me, writing journals or blog posts is the same thing as diary means i never have interest to do.  Anyway, i tried again to write in Yahoo! Pulse Blog on last month, but after 3 posts i found Yahoo announced the stopping of blog function!  @_@

Master seems so wanted me to continue writing so i searched again on web, and finally created a blogger a/c to start everything from here now.  As requested by Master, the previous 3 journals on Yahoo will be moved to here in the next posts.  Also, i hope this is a platform that can learn from other subs/slaves.  :)

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