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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

orgasm control

so here is the 2nd journal previously posted on yahoo -

Posted on 05/16/2011:

The 2nd topic to write is about my naughty dreams of orgasm control - denied, forced, delayed and cum on command. i understand what these terms means, but what happened in my dreams?

Denied orgasm:  This one happened most among the others in my dreams. It seems i have so much struggle in it, there's always a voice saying "No", "Not allowed". i dunno why, and not sure if it cos of the so-called self restriction In the past, i always resist to make myself cum through masturbation as i think i've got enough and enjoyed too much from sex. Even didn't have sex for long time, i still rarely have the desire to cum unless something turned me on (but it also rare to happen).

Forced orgasm:  The only thing i can think of is being bound helplessly, then fuck me really hard plus some vibrating things to make me cum endlessly. In my dreams, i always beg to stop but even if i cried and screamed crazily it just never end. Few days ago when we chat and made me cum few times from masturbation, i felt a lil bit of how the intense feelings will be. i love being forced to cum but i wonder if i can handle the real one.

Delayed orgasm:  This one is rare in my thinking, and really hard to hold when U told me to play awhile more until U said ok. It just hard, i dunno how to hold it when i really want to cum. To me, denied seems better than delayed may be more practice will help?

Regarding cum on command, it's a totally new thing to me when i came across it in some blogs. This article gave me a lil bit hints about what it means: 

Honestly, i still not sure if "cum on command" is something really can happen even i have read the above article plus few blog posts in months ago. To me, it just so strange but seems quite interesting and seems to be something can turn me on for just thinking about it. Sometimes i think of what U would whisper in my ear (is it just "cum for me little one"?), how will i response (scared but body response to ur command immediately? or not able to response?), and the location of the trial (private? or public places?). i hate to think of getting it while in public places but knowing it's all about ur control over me do excited me a lot.

Writing this topic made me blush, but may be U will feel interested about the details of it in my mind.   


  1. Reading this reminded me so much of a recent post I made about orgasm denial. I hate the thought of it yet I do think about it often. Funny how that works, lol.

    As to orgasming on command, I can do it but they're not very powerful. For me, I imagine it's similar to being hit by a small wave when it the ocean compared to what a 30 foot wave could do. With each, the body is aware of the force, but only the 30 ft wave completely overwhelms...I hope that makes sense.


  2. Thanks for sharing cuddlykitten. As i said in the post, i think of orgasm denial most, i dun hate it instead sometimes crave it. i dunno why, may be i just crave for the control. May be also that's why i will imagine cum on command as more interesting lol.