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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what about my rules

Recently, i came across some other posts about people judging if their (or even other's)rules are practical and valuable or not. Those discussions are mostly around the 128 Basic Slave Rules, and their modified ones.

Honestly, i dun really care about what people said cos i find and trust Master's rules are good for me and suit O/our situation. However, i dunno start from when, i want to have those rules written, not only in my heart but also make them explicit. i dunno why, may be because i think it will be good for me especially during the time i feel uncertain. A set of written rules seems to be a good reminder for my role as His slave.

i told Master once in a few days ago that i want to make a page for rules, and Master corrected my confuse about some of my "habits" are rules even though they became habits. After reading the 128 Basic Slave Rules, i'm a bit confuse again now. For me, some of them seems no need to remind because i'm doing them naturally without any hesitation. So, are they need to be written as part of my rules?! i'm not sure, may be i should write those i'm following then let Master review and have an updated one later. Hope He will find this post when He back. and....i just miss Him so much.


  1. Daddy felt it was important to keep my rules simple and general. It makes it easier to remember but it also keeps them general and open to his interpretation. It works for now! Lol.

  2. Hi! I guess you do what works best for you and your Dom? Good luck and I do hope your Master reads your post and eases your confusion! All the best x

  3. HI sl, just do what is best for you both, im sure your Master knows which rules are best for you to follow, you will have your own rules that are important to you both and these can also change over time as the dynamics between you both grow.

    blossom xx

  4. Mindset, i think it's good for the rules to be simple and easy to remember, mine are simple too and i think i dun have many rules to follow at this moment.

    Sub-kitten, i hope that works better between Master and me, and i really need him to guide me.

    Blossom, yes i trust the rules Master given to me are for my best, and i think it will be good to review & modify those rules so that i can keep in line to meet His expectation.

    Thank you for all your comments, i can't wait for the update of my rules :D