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Monday, June 20, 2011

can you serve while sick?

Sorry there was nothing updated here for the past few days, i was really not well and had two days stayed in hospital. Anyway, it's another story not prepare to go further.

So...the title of this post... can you? i dunno why it suddenly comes up in my mind, but there are lots more things during the stay at hospital cos i once felt so pain inside & hard to breath so i thought i was going to die. i asked myself what are the things left i feel regret that i dun have time to there are a lot, about family, friends, career, dreams and certainly about Him.

i wonder can i serve & please Him if i'm that sick? we are just online now but if going to real time, then i may become a burden more than anything that can serve Him & meet His needs.  Other than that, if i dun have any more time, i feel so regret that i still can't have a chance to meet Him, can't feel His touch, can't try out anything that W/we have discussed before, can't be the little part in His life and.....

oh sorry i'm going to the negative side of thinkings again.


  1. Hi sl

    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, dont worry about questioning how you would cope with your submission at times like this, we all go through thoughts and trepidation. i am sure your Master will put your mind at ease and will take good care of you at times like this, He will make sure you get the time you need to feel better so that you can serve Him best.

    Take care
    blossom xx

  2. Hi

    I think blossom's words are wise and wonderful! I hope you and your Master will always find ways and means to continue your incredible relationship while accommodating illnesses and health issues - these are very important to address btw. I hope you are feeling better now - please rest. All the best x

  3. Thank you blossom and sub-kitten for the encouragement. i will take my time to rest and hope to recover asap, thanks & hugs.