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Monday, July 4, 2011


It's been almost a week not updating the blog, i'm sorry but i couldn't come up to anything to write and it becomes meaningless to write on the blog if it is not for Him.

i cannot tell what's wrong cos i'm not sure about it and not willing to believe what i guess. Also, it is so disrespectful and irresponsible to write some unconfirmed thing that mainly comes from my own feelings.

It just too hard to only think on the good and stay positive, can anyone teach me how to do that?! sigh...i dunno how to explain and i know i'm not good in presentation especially cos english is not my 1st language. May be, the few words can appropriately describe my feelings in these days are: frustrated, disconnected, and...(some more words in my mind but better not tell)

Not sure when will have my next post, may be some days later or never. i'm so sorry for that my readers.


  1. Hi sl

    i am so sorry that you are feeling this way, we can all get frustrated and worried because things arent happening with us on a regular basis, dont get too disheartened. If you want to write to me via my email on my blog please do so sometimes when things are shared it helps.

    Hugs to you
    blossom xx

  2. Thank you blossom for your kindness. yes, i may need someone to talk to but i dunno who & what to start, i will think of it and thanks in advance.

  3. Hi sl - I'm so sorry you are feeling low. You miss Him very much and so of course you are not in a happy state. I wish I could have words of comfort for you. Please don't feel alone, though. All the best x

  4. Thank you sub-kitten, U always leave me comfort words. i need some time to rest my mind, so, sorry if there's nothing much here to update.

  5. Oh SL, I didn't know...I have been wrapped up in my own issues and not paying attention to my friends. Forgive me.

    *HUGS* I hope things are getting better for you. You are so kind and loving...I wish only the very best for you. Thank you for your kind words to me. We all have rough times. I know it will get better for you!


  6. Pls dun say that Dannah, sometimes i missed it too. And, i'm just so glad to have ur kind words, thanks & hugs.