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Thursday, July 14, 2011

time off

Another week of tough time passed and i'm so blessed to have a new friend's support & comfort words to help me go through it bit by bit (well U know who U r, thanks so much).

She is right that i should at least make a note here to say i'll be away for a while, then to take time to think clearly, plus i have other important issues in real life to handle. In fact, i'll still around the blogger community cos i read a lot almost everyday (and comment some too), just dun feel like to say anything at my own blog here temporarily.

btw, i know it may not appropriate but there are some words i want to put it down too before i leave. i read back again & again but i can't figure out any fights, false accusations, lies and/or dramas. Did i use wrong words or expressions? i really dunno, but i'd never had this intention. Even if i did, i wasn't given any chances to explain or correct.

Well, it doesn't matter anymore, and i'm off to take my time to rest. Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh dear. SL we will miss you, and if you don't write we can't know how you're doing.

    Please write, even once a week to keep in touch. It may hellp you, too, to understand your feelings during this time.

    It will get better...guaranteed. But stay close to your friends.


  2. I 100% agree with Dannah. I hope you continue to write! :)

  3. I'm sad to hear how you have been feeling sl. I also agree with Dannah, a post every now and again to say Hi or something would be great. Then maybe you'll want to to come back writing again if you are a little bit connected to it still.
    Wishing peace for you and sending lots of hugs xo

  4. Sorry I came across your blog so late. Even sorrier that you have to take a break. But we do what we need to do to make it through.

    Things will get better.

  5. sl,

    I just came across your blog...sorry you're having a tough time.


    P.S. Make sure you take care of yourself. Don't forget to eat healthy and exercise:)!