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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

thank you

Honestly, i was really thinking to stop writing or at least take a long break, but i just can't ignore the comments & let them hold there without answering. So, thanks so much for all ur comments on my previous post, means a lot to me and i wish to answer them all in this post rather than just leave a few lines at the reply box.

Dannah, thanks for ur kind suggestion. i have lots of doubts and was feeling alone & helpless these days. i dunno anyone in the lifestyle to talk to until the new friend (i have mentioned in previous post) providing me her helping hand, thanks so much for her. May be i should try ur suggestion to write down those feelings and anything happened during the week, i'm not sure if it helps but at least here is a channel for me to get some advice.

Humble little girl, it's so nice of having ur support too and i really need it, thanks.

Naida, thanks so much, i hope i can feel a lil bit connected but it's hard. Another reason why i want to stop writing was i feel bad to keep on telling all my sad feelings & negative thoughts. i'm sorry to the ppl came across my blog and read all the latest posts of mine, but i just can't think of anything positive.

Baby girl, thanks for coming by my blog and ur nice comments. i'm so sorry for all these recent negative posts. i hope it just as you said things will get better.

Kitty, hi i loved ur stories with ur Daddy! i'm sorry to admit that i tend to ignore all these things and torture myself during my down time. However, i finally learned one thing, no one will take care of you except yourself. i will try to remember ur words about eat healthy and exercise. Thanks.

so... for the past few days, i was actually not feeling any better and not any worse. i tried to get myself busy again and am trying to put those things left behind for several months to back on track, ie job hunting. During day time, everything seems ok may be cos when i wake up it's already lunch time & just few hours left to finish the day. Therefore, the long nite time (cos i usually sleep very late) make me feel hard, what i did was mostly had drinks with friends. i know it is not a good choice but can't think of other things to pass such a long nite.

i'll be a bit more busy for the following few days, appointments such as job interviews, medical checkup, waxing, facial treatments, and some family & friends gatherings. Hope time pass faster and easier.


  1. Just keep hanging in there. Hours will turn into days will turn into weeks and the months and before you know it, you will slowly start to come around.

    Take care of you!

  2. Keep your chin up! Glad you're able to have some things to look forward to.


  3. sl, you want one positive thing--well I will give you one.

    You are, right now--every minute--preparing yourself for your perfect Master.

    Sometimes it's hard to remember that (believe me, I know!) but try. It will change your attitude and outlook to look forward instead of back.

    Don't worry, your friends are holding your hands.

    Eyes forward.


  4. Hello there. I've just stumbled across your blog. I haven't read much yet, but I am looking forward to getting to know you through your posts. :) Wishing you well.


  5. Thank you Baby girl, Kitty, and Dannah, i wish i can hang in there but no more. i will write another post soon.

    Thanks zelda for visiting, but i'm sorry it's time i have to make changes on this blog, hope it won't affect much.