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Friday, August 19, 2011

a lil bit update

It was almost a month since i last posted, sorry to take this break that was much longer than i expected.

There are several things i wanna mention in this post (sorry it just like my diary book now):

1) Thanks to the friends i met along this period for all ur support & comfort words, that's what i needed, thank you.

2) i did finally got a lil response from him which i never expected to. Well i couldn't feel relief from it but rather like another shock, and felt like the wound was bleeding again.

3) During this period, other than the friends i mentioned, a Dom i met in another site who is very nice & supportive suggested to be my mentor. We talked a lot and he cleared my doubts & still trying to mend my wings. Thanks so much for all his help & support, it was really tough to be alone without someone guiding ur road.

4) About real life stuff, one of the things i'm happy with is to connect with a friend again who i once lost contact for over a year. i know he is not well since an injury but glad to hear him getting better bit by bit, i wish him well and the best of luck.

5) And then for myself, a big day in the coming sunday - my graduation, thru not really excited just a lil acheivement for my hard work in the past 2 years. But it also reminded me one thing, he did helped me a lot in my last assignment for the topic "Leadership", so i should thanks to him too.

6) i'm not very well physically too in these days, was on & off in hospital but just old problems hope won't be too bad.  Therefore, excuse me if it takes some more days for my next post.

Wish U all a great Friday & weekend xxx

(hmm... i dunno how to explain why i choose this video... sigh...)


  1. hi sl

    thank you for sharing all with us, i hope your health gets better and congratlations and well done on your graduation. i hope things work out well with your Mentor and you enjoy returning to your submission.

    blossom x

  2. Sorry for the late comment, I've been gone and busy with so many things. X_x

    Congratulations on your graduation. :) And good luck with your new mentor. I hope things will be looking up from here.